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My name is Irina Morina and I’m photographer.  

I living in Rome, work all over Italy and also outside of it. I clumsily held my first camera at 5 years old, because the friend of our family was a photographer and together we often spent time in the "red room" developing film in his photo laboratory.

 Then in art school came a passion for drawing and painting, then interior design courses, then the State University for the Humanities, Faculty of Business Management, several years of searching for herself and, subsequently, she thoroughly formalized her own business as an individual entrepreneur in the field of commercial photography in 2011, in connection with which  I have vast experience in various areas of creating a visual product.


 Photography for me is an opportunity for contemplation. Every moment in our life is unique and it will never happen again. My task is to reflect this in the photograph, to convey the spirit of what is happening.

 Moment is a life, a movement, this is the ability to feel and understand, maybe this is more important than anything and this is what I love.  I love life!  In all its forms!

 Reportage is the style closest to me in spirit, it is clearly displayed in my portfolio. This is my inspiration to create photo stories for you, helping you to reveal yourself and the highest reward for me is your emotions.

 If my style is close to you too, I am always open for collaboration.

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